About Us

P.S. I Luv U Gifts, LLC was created in 2020 by founders and CEOs, Lamont and Patrice Stokes, a fun-loving, passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurial husband and wife dynamic duo. The "P" was inspired by Patrice's first name and the "S'' inspired by Lamont and Patrice's last name.

Their company motto is "gifts from the heart for the heart." Their vision is to connect people and meaningful products that give an experience and personal touch like receiving an old-fashioned handwritten love letter, yet with new and creative ways to say, "P.S. I Luv U."

Their inspiration in their products comes from their passions and professions in faith, family, education, counseling/therapy, photography, poetry, music, media and consulting. They stay inspired by the people and world around them and put that love into their products. May you find their story and these products inspiring, but also in awe of what love can do!

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 Inspired On Purpose, LLC - mother company of P.S. I Luv U Gifts, LLC

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